D&D character commission tutorial - 10 pages PDF explaining all the steps of a commission process including advice on pricing and how to get such commissions as well as a character creation from scratch (not only for commission purposes)

DnD character commission process .PDF booklet

  • "If you are confused about how to get commissions, how to work on them as well as price and set realistic deadlines for you and your clients, you definitely need to check out the "D&D character commission painting" booklet; It explains in high detail how to do all the above, while still providing countless more useful tips about the whole process, thus making it even easier and encouraging for those who never tried anything similar before" - Gabriele


    "I just checked out the booklet and it's amazing! Really helped me price my work thank you!" -Hari


    "Amazing booklet, Iga! I will definitely have it open during my next commission. It was great to have confirmation on things I already did and see how I could improve my process even more" - Susanna

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