Sunset/sunrise light is one of the most interesting  on you can capture. In this 14 pages .pdf booklet you will find all the basic information about the sunset light and psychics behind it, tips on how to paint environments (and how not to) including sky and clouds information, painting sunset outdoor when it lasts very short, advice on how to study, as well as sunset light on portraits and skin tones.


What you will find in the folder:

- Sunset Light - info & tips for painting environments and skin - 14 pages .pdf booklet

- Sunset skin tone exercise .PSD template + references

- link to the skin tone exercise real time painting video

- Master paintings collection for inspiration and study references

- My sunset studies from the past


Sunset Light PDF Booklet + skin tones template

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  • "I love how this booklet addresses the practical side of studying lighting and has these tips I'd never thought of but that make a huge difference. Also, adding your own pieces to show mistakes you've made but also things that worked really helps guiding our own studies. And the exercises included allowed me to focus on lighting alone, which made it more approachable and easier to later apply on actual illustrations or complex forms." - Filipa


    "Receiving this got me excited to do studies and look at my own art in a new way again. I was feeling a bit demotivated to do any personal work, so I was just thinking of doing some studies and then the june rewards [Patreon] dropped and now i'm like YES YES YES SUNSEEEEEEEEETTT!" - Susanna

    "The "Sunset Light" booklet is a must read if you love sunsets! She breaks down how the whole lighting scenario works, complete with examples, where she got inspiration from, and applied studies to skin tones with a little gallery of her work by the end. It's absolutely perfect. In every imaginable way." - Gabriele

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