33p .PDF booklet with everything you need to know to start painting landscapes with watercolor and gouache technique. 

What you will find inside:

- the whole setup and materials descriptions in detail

- outdoor painting tips

- basics about composition, light and color

- inspiration of where to sketch and how to practice

- the complete painting process from start to finish



Watercolor&Gouache setup and tips for starting out

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  • "The "Watercolor and Gouache" booklet was overall a fantastic read - it explains pretty in depth how to get a nice traditional setup going, complete with suggestions on which colors to use, different types of palettes, paper, brushes and much more; other than the process itself, Iga made sure to include some really useful tips on composition, simplification of shapes and her personal process, to finally show how it all comes together." - Gabriele


    "I just finished reading it and I love how condensed/straight to the point it is! I feel like it has a ton of information but it's really accessible, and it definitely inspired me and made it all (traditional painting, watercolors, landscapes, etc) seem a bit less scary." - Filipa

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